New Releases for May 2022!

Hey, everyone! Story here. May is here, and we've got a new audio story called "The Photograph" for the True Love Imagined Collection. Kate explores Michael's photographic process and his camera lens view of life where the exposure triangle is not only the basis of photography but also some principles for better living.

The Photograph

"The Photograph" by Kathy Matthes is a new story inspired by the two photography classes my mom is taking at San Diego City College this semester for professional development. Also, the character Michael in the True Love Imagined Collection is a photographer, so it helps to know more about it since she is planning to write a mystery novel about them.

Did you know that the original stories in the True Love Imagined Collection started out as stories my mom and her then boyfriend wrote to each other in 1990. It was called, "Thoughts on Our Life Together." He wrote sweet stories about their future together, but my mom's stories were different. She realized later that she wasn't writing to her boyfriend; she was writing about two characters. When she started doing audio stories in 2011, she used some of these stories--until she ran out of them. She then starting writing new stories about them. She calls it the True Love Imagined Collection because the stories are about the true love between Kate and Michael, who are fictional characters, so the stories are an "imagined" true love, or what true love could be.

In those first, original stories, the two characters didn't have names. It wasn't until my mom took a screenwriting class for professional development that she discovered who they really were because she wanted to adapt "The Fight" and "The Rescue" into a short screenplay. She had to write a backstory for the two characters and give them names--so Kate and Michael became the characters for the True Love Imagined Collection. In the script, Kate is a successful mystery novelist, and Michael is a graphic artist/photographer and website developer. It's interesting how the creative process works and how characters make themselves known.

So . . . now that my mom understands more about photography, she was able to do this new story about Michael's photographic talent and his camera lens view of life.

J.A. Maxwell-Saunders' music, "Fields of Gold," is a lush, emotionally-rich piece that matches the story perfectly.

Well, that’s it for now. Hope you enjoy "The Photograph." See ya next time!


Story is a four-year-old Whipador rescue dog from the San Diego Humane Society. She lives in her forever home in San Diego. She loves being the Audio Dog mascot for stories2music.