New Releases for December 2021

Hey, everyone! Story here. Don't you just love the Christmas season? My nose is full of scents--the tree, the cookies baking in the oven, and my new toys under the tree--Yay! My mom has the perfect gifts for the season--two new stories: "The Beggar Child" and "The Fearful Dog."

The Toymaker's Gift

The first new release is "The Toymaker's Gift" by Kathy Matthes. This is a Christmas story for the Children's Collection.

Doesn't this just put you in the Christmas spirit? "It was a magical Christmas Eve! Snow fell softly in the town square, bells jingled merrily on passing carriages, and carolers sang joyfully as they strolled down the lane. The air was filled with the sound of shouts and laughter as the children finished building their lop-sided snowman in the town square. Last-minute shoppers hurried in and out of quaint shops, bright-eyed and eager for the coming festivities. All was as it should be on this perfect Christmas Eve, yet something more perfect was yet to come."

I don't want to ruin the surprise, but the old toymaker's dream shows him the true meaning of Christmas. Of course, I love the part about the toys!

The music "Legacy of Love" by Richard Allen Harvey (I love his music!) is just perfect for the story. It captures the feeling of a snowy, winter's night, the Christmas season and toyshop magic.

The Fearful Dog

The second new release is "The Fearful Dog" by Kathy Matthes. This is a new story for the True Love Imagined series where Michael and Kate attempt rescue a fearful, stray dog.

I really like this story because I understand how the dog feels. You see, I am a fearful dog, too! I was a feral dog who was left on the grounds of the San Diego Humane Society with some of my other dog friends. I was so scared of everything! A nice family adopted me, but they didn't know how to deal with my fear, so they took me back to the shelter. I was so heartbroken. But it was for the best because my mom came to the shelter one day and found me. She knew how to deal with fearful dogs and, even though I was scared, I was happy that she adopted me and gave me a forever home! I am doing so much better now that I have someone to help me be brave and face my fears. It's the season for giving, so give a shelter dog a forever home this Christmas!

David Buckley's haunting "Winter Memories" music is just perfect for the story. It really captures the stormy night, the dog's desperation, and Kate and Michael's compassion.

Well, that’s it for now. Have a happy holiday season! See ya next time!


Story is a four-year-old Whipador rescue dog from the San Diego Humane Society. She lives in her forever home in San Diego. She loves being the Audio Dog mascot for stories2music.