New Releases for February 2022!

Hey, everyone! Story here. Finally, we are releasing "The Fire." We've been waiting since 2014 to release this story because it has three music pieces, which were too expensive to license until now. We are so thrilled to offer it. It's such a dramatic story about a fire on Kate and Michael's farm and how love, friends and faith help them through the crisis.

The Fire

"The Fire" by Kathy Matthes was one of the first stories to be produced for stories2music. This is another story for the True Love Imagined Collection.

I love how it begins: "I was suddenly wide awake. I felt startled and strangely alert, as if someone had shouted my name. I lay still, barely breathing, and listened intently. The house was dark and quiet except for your gentle breathing next to me. Yet I had a strange feeling that something was terribly wrong. As I lay there, I noticed a dim, red glow lighting up our room. As I watched and listened, the red light grew steadily brighter and began to cast dancing shadows on the walls. I glanced at the open window and saw a flickering, red-orange glow in the sky. 'Oh no,' I whispered, 'something’s on fire!' "

Richard Allen Harvey's three music pieces--"Dreamweaver," "Into the Darkness," and "Within Us All!--really capture the emotions of the three parts of the story. Be sure to bring your kleenex for the surprise ending!

Well, that’s it for now. Hope you enjoy the story! See ya next time!


Story is a four-year-old Whipador rescue dog from the San Diego Humane Society. She lives in her forever home in San Diego. She loves being the Audio Dog mascot for stories2music.