Welcome to my Audio Dog blog!

Hey, everyone! Story here. I'm thrilled to be the mascot for stories2music! I want to welcome you to my Audio Dog blog.

First, here’s a bit about me. I am a two-year-old Labrador Retriever and Whippet mix--a Whipador. I was adopted from the San Diego Humane Society in June 2020 by my new mom, the producer of stories2music. I love my new home in San Diego and my new name: Story.

Since I am newly adopted, I know how it feels to need adopting, so I am really excited about a new audio story in the works now. It’s called “The Fearful Dog.” I’m a fearful dog, too, so I really connect with the dog in the story. Here’s a sneak peek:

There she was again, standing in the yard in the pouring rain. She was closer to the porch this time, but when we opened the door, she would move farther away and just stand there staring at us.
This time, we put a large dog crate on the porch and a bowl of food and water. We went inside and watched from the window. She sat there, wet, scared and shivering, not sure what to do."

Does the dog learn to trust them? I won't spoil the surprise ending!

The film music is “Winter Memories” by David Buckley. It is the perfect music for the story—it really sets the mood and tugs at my heartstrings. There are also cool sound effects for the storm, but the thunder is really scary. It makes me want to run and hide.

I think you’ll love the new story!

You can help make this story possible by adopting it in our Adopt-a-Story program when it becomes available on the adoption web page. We also have five other stories waiting to be adopted.

Well, that’s it for my first blog. Hope you liked it.

See ya next time!


Story is a two-year-old Whipador rescue dog from the San Diego Humane Society. She lives in her forever home in San Diego. She loves being the Audio Dog mascot for stories2music.