New Releases for November 2021

Hey, everyone! Story here. Don't you just love Thanksgiving? Such yummy smells coming from the kitchen! I always get a bit turkey in my dinner--Yay! Aside from cooking in the kitchen, my mom has been cooking up two new stories--just in time for Thanksgiving: "A Grateful Heart" and "The Golden Hour." We will also be starting a Story Profile series in December.

A Grateful Heart

The first new release is "A Grateful Heart" by Kathy Matthes. This is another story about the couple Michael and Kate in the True Love Imagined series. This story comes after "The Surprise" in the series.

I'm not a literary dog, but I think this is kinda different from the other stories because it is a list of phrases of all of the things about Kate's horse farm and life with Michael that makes her grateful. The images are heartwarming--and I think I can smell that apple pie cooling on the window sill! Yum! It's the best story for Thanksgiving because it shows that the simple things in life--like turkey in my dinner on Thanksgiving day--are what make our lives rich and meaningful.

The music "Heartland Home" by Simon Aurthur Rhodes (I love his music!) is just perfect for the story. It creates a feeling of appreciation for the land and for life on a farm.

The Golden Hour

The second new release is "The Golden Hour" by Kathy Matthes. This is a new story about the couple Michael and Kate in the True Love Imagined series. This story comes after "A Grateful Heart" in the series.

This story takes place in a row boat on a lake, which sounds like fun because I really love the water being a Whipador and all, but I don't understand why they stay in the boat with all of that enticing water all around them! I don't know what the "golden hour" is, but Kate describes it this way:

"It was the golden hour, the time when the sunlight illuminates the world in soft, golden light. When the veil between heaven and earth lowers just enough to allow the aching heart a glimpse inside. When the world is so painfully beautiful and rich and pure and glorious that the soul can barely contain it."

You gotta hear this music! "Love You More" by Simon Arthur Rhodes has this lovely, gliding music with a soft glimmering feeling that sounds like sunlight sparkling on a lake. It really captures the feeling of the moment. I'm sure you'll love it!

Story Profiles

Hey, I bet you didn't know that the True Love Imagined stories were originally written as love stories between the author and her boyfriend--or that “The Shadow Dragon” story is about how an abused child feels about her abuser--or that “The Boy Who Was Loved by the Wind” story was inspired by George MacDonald’s At the Back of the North Wind? Get the scoop on the stories and their music in the new Story Profile series starting in December. Story Profiles page.

Well, that’s it for now. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! See ya next time!


Story is a four-year-old Whipador rescue dog from the San Diego Humane Society. She lives in her forever home in San Diego. She loves being the Audio Dog mascot for stories2music.