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The Photograph

Kate marvels at Michael's photographic process and his camera lens view of life.

In the Beginning

This Easter poem explores the relationship between God and His Son and their plan for us.

The Violin

On St. Patrick's Day, Kate secretly observes Michael playing his violin in the forest and is transformed by it.

The Fire

The Fire shows the power of true love, the support of friends and the faith to overcome a tragic fire on the farm.

One Life

One Life is the joining of two lives into one as the couple shares their simple wedding with family and friends.

Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart captures the romance of the couple’s wedding dance.

The Beggar Child

An old toymaker learns the true meaning of Christmas from a little beggar child.

The Fearful Dog

A fearful dog stands in the pouring rain night after night at the couple's house. Will they get the dog to trust them?

A Grateful Heart

A Grateful Heart is Kate’s recognition of the simple things in life on her horse farm and how true love makes one’s life rich.

The Golden Hour

The Golden Hour captures the romance of a boat ride during this magic time of day.

The Meadow

Love catches Kate by surprise during a picnic in the meadow with Michael.

Why We Sail

John D. Norton captures the marvels of sailing in this compelling story of why he sails.

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The Jumping Lesson

Kate recalls how exciting her first English jumping lesson was at her aunt’s riding school.

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Welcome Home

When Kate and Michael stand before their new home, Kate imagines the life they will have there.

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The Paper Anniversary

Kate and Michael celebrate their first anniversary with surprise gifts and new adventures.

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