New Releases for March 2022!

Hey, everyone! Story here. Our new release, "The Violin" is just in time for St. Patrick's Day! Kate and Michael are hosting their annual Emerald Isle Day on their farm for family and friends. It's an afternoon of Irish activites and treats and an evening of Irish food, storytelling and a live Celtic band.

The Violin

"The Violin" by Kathy Matthes is another story for the True Love Imagined Collection.

Kate wakes on St. Patrick's Day to find Michael out and about. As she drinks some tea on the porch, she hears a violin coming from the forest behind their house. She goes to see who it is and finds that it is Michael. She is transformed by what she sees.

I love this part of the story! "The forest was magical in the morning sunlight as it streamed through the trees. I followed the sound of the violin and came upon a clearing. There you were, standing in the streaming sunlight, playing your violin. Your eyes were closed, and you swayed to the music. You stood bare souled and humble as the violin exposed your deepest heart. I was mesmerized by the beauty—it was so simple and pure and true. I had never heard you play like this before. Tears rolled down my cheeks, and I felt such a deep and profound love for you because I saw your true self."

We adore Richard Allen Harvey's music, and he's here again for this story. His "Bridget Cruise" has a lovely Irish feel to it that fits this story perfectly!

Well, that’s it for now. Hope you enjoy the story! See ya next time!


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