New Releases for October 2021

Hey, everyone! Story here. I'm thrilled to announce that we have two new releases for October 2021: "Why We Sail" and "The Meadow." We have also started the Author Interview series.

Why We Sail

The first new release is "Why We Sail" by author John D. Norton. This is a great story! When my mom was listening to "Romanza" by Simon A. Rhodes, she initially felt that the music sounded like flying in a plane. She soon realized that it could be sailing in a boat. When she began to search for information about sailing, so she could write a story about it, she found John D. Norton's story "Why We Sail."

She decided to do a draft recording to see if the story would fit. With a bit of editing, it fit perfectly. She emailed Professor Norton to see if he would be willing to let her use his story for the audio story, and he agreed. YAY! He also agreed to do an author interview about the story.

The Meadow

The second new release is "The Meadow" by Kathy Matthes. This is a new story about the couple Michael and Kate in the True Love Imagined series. This story falls between "An Ordinary Day" and "The Dance" in the series.

The gorgeous music by Robert J. Foster is captivating as Kate tells the story of how she fell in love with Michael in the meadow during a picnic lunch. She describes it this way:

"It was an epic love, a true love, a pure love, a profound love, a love deeper and richer than could be imagined in all of the romantic novels and poems and songs and love letters from all of the ages. It swelled up in my heart, captivated my mind, purified my body, and illuminated my soul. It took hold of me down to the very marrow of my bones, so utterly complete was this love."

Author Interviews

Two of our stories--"Terrible Love" and "Why We Sail"--are written by other authors. We thought it would be interesting to interview them about their stories. You can find links to the interviews on their story pages and also on the Author Interview page.

Well, that’s it for now. See ya next time!


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