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    The Boy Who Was Loved by the Wind

Experience the joy of childhood, the sorrow of rejection, and the power of forgiveness in this tender Christian allegory.

Use headphones for the best listening experience.

Story written and narrated by Kathy Matthes ©1990 by Kathy Matthes.
Music by Music by Richard Harvey. Courtesy of APM Music.
"Strange Days," "Ancient Heros," "The Legend," and "L’Ouverture."
Child Running with Kite by Adrenlinapura. Fotolia license: #72471868.

The Buzz about "The Boy Who Was Loved by the Wind"

3rd Place Fiction Award Winner, Bravura Literary Journal, May 2018.

Absolutely magnificent!

"Absolutely magnificent! An incredibly beautiful story. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I listened intently. The music made it come to life in a way I cannot explain. My soul was ushered into another realm. Well done!" Cheryl C.

I love your story!

"I love your story! It is an amazing goose-bump maker! My husband and I sat and listened together last night (eyes closed) and enjoyed it so much. I was blown away, and my hubby said he got lost in it! The music is wonderful too and really adds to the drama." Heather M.

Quite taken!

"I was quite taken by your story. The ending was particularly memorable as very dramatically "almost" became "always." The audio quality of the voice work was excellent as well. The changes in the music significantly help set the tone and mood of each section, and the cuts are particularly suited for each chapter. Your audio story was excellent content wise, technical quality and background music selection." Rich J.

Tremendously touched!

"I was so tremendously touched and impressed by your beautiful story, and the way you transported me to a realm that made me want to listen to each word so attentively. The story captivates the listener from the beginning, and you did a great job incorporating the music to create some real magic. I was also quite impressed with your soothing voice relating the story so well. I loved the way you incorporated the phrasing when you used the word "almost" at the end of key prose. Very well done. I wanted to congratulate you on a brilliant effort." John M.