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The Rescue Radio Drama

Kate and Michael rescue an injured horse who was frightened in a thunder storm. This is an excerpt from the full radio drama. Here is "The Rescue" script

This version uses some music like normal radio dramas.

This version uses the stories2music method of full background music.

Written by  Kathy Matthes.   ©2021 by Kathy Matthes. All Rights Reserved
Music by Bill Connor. Tides of Change. Courtesy of West One Music.
Stormy weather by andreusK. Fotolia license #58911353.
Black stallion in motion by callipso88. Fotolia license #106659050

"The Rescue" Credits

This is my final project assignment for Jesse Keller’s “Acting for Radio/Voice Overs” class at San Diego Mesa College in December 2021. It is an excerpt from my full radio drama "The Fight," which is adapted from two stories2music audio stories: "The Rescue" and "The Fight."

Faculty Advisor: Jesse Keller.

Story and script: Kathy Matthes.

Director: Kathy Matthes.

Sound design and editing: Kathy Matthes.

Cast: Erik Stevens as Michael, Kathy Matthes as Kate, and Sera Alban as Dr. Taylor.

Music: "Tides of Change " by Bill Conner, Courtesy of West One Music.

Sounds effects: #1 Sound Effects, Digiffects Sound Effects Library, Pro Sound Effects Library, Audio Décor Sound Effects, Pond5, and SoundDogs.

Erik Stevens

San Diego Mesa College student

Sera Alban

San Diego Mesa College student

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Blue Group radio dramas

For the "Acting for Radio/Voice Overs” class, we were put into groups where each member did his/her own project and acted in the other group members' projects. Below is one other Blue Group member's radio drama.

Caroline Amiguet's Radio Drama

Faculty Advisor: Jesse Keller.

Director: Caroline Amiguet.

Script source: Les Misérables by Victor Hugo

Sound design and editing: Caroline Amiguet.

Cast: Erik Stevens as Jean Valjean, Sera Alban as Inspector Javert, and Caroline Amiguet as Fantine.

Sounds effects:


Caroline Amiguet

Erik Stevens

San Diego Mesa College student

Sera Alban

San Diego Mesa College student

San Diego Mesa College

DRAM 106: Acting for Radio/Voice-Over

"This course is a practical study of the voice-over industry. Emphasis is placed on voice-over acting techniques for radio and television commercials, multimedia and other audio and video presentations. Students are expected to read aloud extensively as well as to record their voice for critique and self-evaluation. Topics also include an overview of the voice-over business, marketing, current technology, and professional work and studio etiquette. This course is intended for students majoring in drama or radio and television as well as for anyone interested in the voice-over business. This course is cross listed with Radio, Television and Film (RTVF) 106."

Jesse Keller
Assistant Professor, Dramatic Arts