From Ordinary to Extraordinary

In 2011, when I wanted to teach myself how to use Audacity sound editing software, I had an unexpected surprise. When I added the film music clips to my story narration, the music matched the story so perfectly that it could have been written for it. In the same way that film music expresses what is occuring on the screen, the music in my story was synchronized with the words. For example, if a kite fluttered in the story, the music sounded like a kite fluttering. This intriqued me, so I experimented with other stories, and the music did the same thing in all of them. (Read the Story of the Stories here.)

It was then that I realized that the film music was no longer simply background music. The music became an integral part of the storytelling. The words and music were intertwined and interdependent--they needed each other to tell the listener how to feel about the story--which is exactly what narrative film music does for films. It enabled the listener to experience immersion and transportation into the stories. This was similar to how radio dramas used music and sound effects. This led me to do research about audio stories, film music and sound effects, which resulted in my s2m blog and podcasts.

In 2017, my creative process changed. Instead of matching music to existing stories, I began to write the stories to the music. Film music is written to tell the story, so I listened. It ignited my imagination with characters, scenes and plots, so I wrote the words to fit the music. Now stories2music is just that--stories written to the music. It is a unique process that surprises me with every story.

Sometimes, something quite ordinary, such as learning Audacity, can become something quite extraordinary. These audio stories are a unique genre because they are original flash fiction stories. They are innovative because they show the power of film music to tell a story. They are captivating because the sound effects, like radio dramas, make the stories immersive. Put on your headphones, close your eyes and get swept away. If you love them like I do, please consider supporting stories2music.

Why Adopt a Story?

Film music is the foundation of the stories. Unfortunately, the film music must be licensed to post on the website, which is expensive. The web-only license means the stories cannot be sold, so there is no income from the stories to fund other stories. I do plan to buy "sell" licenses, but they are very expensive. I have also looked at other music licensing sites, but I have an deep affinity with film music by Richard Harvey and a few other composers that are only available at West One Music and APM Music. The music at these sites is designed for films, TV and other media, so it is different from generic background music at other sites--and my account reps always strive to give me a good deal.

  • New stories cannot be posted on the s2m website until the music is licensed.
  • Funds are limited, so new stories can wait up to 6 months to be licensed.
  • Your donation brings a story to life so others can experience it.
  • You can be a story’s full sponsor or a co-sponsor with others.

How to Adopt a Story?

  • Chose the story that you want to adopt or partially adopt.
  • Choose the amount you want to donate.
  • Complete the adoption form here.
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Five completed stories are awaiting music licensing. The Adopt-a-Story program is a great way to make those stories available. You can also donate through Fundly without adopting a story or provide monthly support through Pateron. Be a part of this extraordinary and surprising creative journey, and let's work together to see what new stories await us!


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Stories available for adoption

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To adopt a story, complete the adoption form and then donate on Fundly.

One Life

One Life is the joining of two lives into one as the couple shares their simple wedding with family and friends.

Story written and narrated by Kathy Matthes. ©2017 by Kathy Matthes.
Music by James Copperthwaite. "Memories of a Love." Courtesy of West One Music
Couple with rose outside by vgstudio. Fotolia license #39843703.

Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart captures the romance of the couple’s wedding dance.

Poem written and narrated by Kathy Matthes. ©2019 by Kathy Matthes.
Music by Paul Reeves "Poignant Memory. " Courtesy of APM Music.
A man and a woman dancing by Dmytro Sandratskyi . Fotolia #112244164.

A Grateful Heart

A Grateful Heart is Kate’s recognition of the simple things in life on her horse farm and how true love makes one’s life rich.

Story written and narrated by Kathy Matthes ©2017 by Kathy Matthes.
Music by Simon Arthur Rhodes. "Heartland Home," Courtesy of West One Music.
Woman with cup of tea or coffee by Masson. Fotolia license #93334222.

The Fire

The Fire shows the power of true love, the support of friends and the faith to overcome a tragic fire on the farm.

Story written and narrated by Kathy Matthes. ©1988 by Kathy Matthes.
Music by Richard Allen Harvey. "Dreamweaver," "Into the Darkness," and "Within Us All." Courtesy of West One Music
Black stallion in motion by callipso88. Fotolia license #106659050.

The Golden Hour

The Golden Hour captures the romance of a boat ride during this magic time of day.

Story written and narrated by Kathy Matthes. ©2018 by Kathy Matthes.
Music by Simon Arthur Rhodes. "Love You More." Courtesy of West One Music
Love and romantic golden river sunset by biskariot. Fotolia license #135585754.

The Rescue

When the couple rescues an injured horse in a thunder storm, they establish their horse rehabilitation farm.

Story written and narrated by Kathy Matthes ©2018 by Kathy Matthes.
Music by Bill Connor. Tides of Change. Courtesy of West One Music.
Stormy weather by andreusK. Fotolia license #58911353.

The Fearful Dog

A fearful dog stands in the pouring rain night after night at the couple's house. Will they get the dog to trust them?

Story written and narrated by Kathy Matthes ©2020 by Kathy Matthes.
Music by David Buckley. Winter Memories. Courtesy of West One Music.
Silhouette of the dog on the street by Liia Galimzianova. Dreamstime license #100452242.

Why We Sail

John D. Norton captures the mysteries and marvels of sailing in this compelling story about why he sails.

Story written by John D. Norton © 2009 . Adapted and narrated by Kathy Matthes.
Music by Simon A. Rhodes. Romanza. Courtesy of West One Music.
Sailboat Gliding on Calm Sea by Gavril Margittai. Dreamstime license #11610876

Adoption Tracking

This chart shows the percentage of funds needed for each story. As donations are received, the percentage goes down.

One Life100%
A Grateful Heart 100%
The Golden Hour 100%
Heart to Heart 83%
The Fire 100%
The Fearful Dog 100%
Why We Sail100%

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